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Ms. W's Boudoir Experience: How her boudoir experience changed her

Wanda’s story is important on how we feel about ourselves.

Read more about her story below.

(Here's a before and after of Wanda)

" Koree has an amazing eye for the finer details of shadows and positioning and poses, and Ramona is a wizard with hair and make-up. I had a wonderful, beautiful and awesome experience working with both of them and wondered, with the poses Koree was putting me in to, how the pictures would turn out and was BLOWN AWAY when I saw my proofs! I had to choose my favorites, but they were ALL my favorites! I just received my wall art and album and Holy Smokes I am a hot rockin' almost 60 year old beautiful woman!

" My husband hasn't seen them yet, they will be one of the gifts for his birthday surprise, but I KNOW he's going to love them even more than I do! I would definitely recommend Unveiled Boudoir Studio! I had such an amazing experience from start to finish.

She went on to say:

" Quick update on my photos! I did a birthday punch board for my husband with 20 prizes, one for each day before his birthday and one of the prizes was my boudoir photo album and wall art. He finally picked them yesterday and when he opened them he was flabbergasted! He was saying "whoa that's you!" "holy smokes", "hot, hot, hot!", and then he goes, "Who saw you like this? Who took these pictures!?!?".

"I assured him it was a woman, lol…and then he asked, "Where is all of this lingerie that I've never seen before?" He was very pleased and I didn't have the heart to tell him that I didn't take the pictures specifically for him, I did it for myself because I wanted to feel beautiful and special…and awesome.

She went on to say:

“ …when I look at them (my images) I see a gorgeous, sexy woman in the prime of her life! I really do appreciate your work and the exquisite books the pictures come in. It makes them seem like a rare find in a museum archive and then you open them up and it’s me inside! I have the wall art hanging in our bedroom and I see my sexy self every morning as I’m headed out to the kitchen for coffee. I might look like the cat’s been sleeping in my hair and have a T-shirt and leggings on when I first wake up, but in my mind I look like that sexy picture I just saw on my wall.”



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