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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Boudoir Experience and How To Prepare

Updated: Jan 25

Ok, now that you’ve booked your boudoir shoot, what do I have to do to prepare for my boudoir session? Every woman asks that, and it can be kind of nerve-racking. There are tons of nerves and emotions leading up to a boudoir shoot, and that’s ok! I’m here to help! I wanted to write down some guidelines and suggestions to ease and organize your minds and prepare you for this awesome experience!

Tip #1- Order your lingerie 2-3 months in advance

Some places take a while to arrive and may come in the wrong size. If you question the sizing, order two sizes and return what doesn't fit.

Tip #2- Keep only the pieces you love and are well-fitted

Nothing's worse than not feeling your best at your session. That's why I suggest only bringing pieces you love and feel flatter the assets you want to show off. I recommend going to a local lingerie boutique to have yourself properly fitted, or if you're interested in online ordering, True & Co. has a really amazingly helpful website and quiz that will help you to determine what styles and sizes work best for you.

Tip #3- Refrain from tanning or getting a sunburn

Spray tans can make your skin in camera appear orange, and sunburns are incredibly difficult to edit. If you would like a little "extra color" just ask, I can add a little warmth to your images or you can go natural and embrace your gorgeous skin tone!

Tip #4- Two weeks before your scheduled shoot, check your roots and split ends

Get anything needed touched-up. Now isn’t the time to experiment with a whole new look, so don't get a new haircut or hair color immediately before your shoot.

Tip #5- Feel like waxing?

If you wax, make sure you do so at least a week prior so any swelling and redness can go down.

Tip #6- Drink plenty of water, moisturize, exfoliate, & stretch

Try to drink plenty of water, especially the day before and day of your shoot.

Lather on that lotion! Supple is key for beautiful skin! Be sure to moisturize twice a day for the week leading up to your shoot. Moisturized, hydrated skin is smoother and fills out fine lines and plumps up the skin, PLUS it keeps it that dewy look.

Exfoliating your skin helps to keep your skin silky, soft, and smooth by buffing away and removing dead skin cells. It will also help to reduce dry, flaky patches, and clogged pores.

Stretching can really help to reduce and relieve any soreness from your session. Let’s face it, this will be a workout, so mentally prepare yourself. You’ll be arching and stretching and getting into all sorts of positions you don’t normally get into. But don’t worry, I’ll be doing them with you and guiding you every step of the way!

Tip #7- Get a manicure & pedicure

Manicures and pedicures are not necessarily needed; however they add that extra special detail to your images. Soft blush colors, French manicure, and neutral colors all look great on nails. Try to avoid bright nails, busy patterns, and tips that are dark. This will make you look like you have dirt under your nails.

Tip #8- Bring accessories

While you don't need to bring any extra accessories with you, they are great additions to your outfits. This includes garter belts, chunky necklaces, bra & body chains, stockings, etc.

If you choose to wear thigh-highs, they should be a size or two bigger than your normal size, and preferably without the rubber top to avoid any tightness at the top of your thigh.

Heels are optional but can make your legs look long and lean! A basic nude or black heel is all you need...however if heels aren't your thing, we can do a whole session barefoot.

Also, your outfits and accessories do not all need to be lingerie. Jerseys, t-shirts, and denim jackets can all be incredibly sexy!

Tip #9- Avoid busy patterns and neon colors

It is important to bring a variety of outfits, but busy patterns and neon colors can be more distracting than flattering.

Tip #10- Most Importantly...Get sleep the night before, eat before your session, and relax and have fun!

Get your beauty sleep...seriously, Photoshop can't fixed tired.

Eat before your session. Not just a piece of toast, but an actual breakfast. You will burn calories and some clients have even compared their shoot to a workout. You will be tired. You may be sore the next day. PLEASE EAT.

Packing the night before and arriving to your session on time will help you to relax and enjoy your session.


We would love to chat with you about booking your own boudoir experience with us.

To inquire your can visit my website below:



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